intakeThe LEC advantage starts where you start – the intake. The raw water intake structure of any  water system is the critical first step in the delivery chain that ends with the consumer. The intake system typically cannot be bypassed or removed from service for either routine maintenance or repairs. Having hands-on experience with hundreds of intake designs and facilities allows Liquid Engineering to provide timely and professional inspection, cleaning, repair and maintenance to any intake system.

Intake Inspection
Keeping up-to-date with the condition of the various systems and components associated with your water intake is paramount. Periodic intake inspections not only will help you identify potential problems before they become critical, but will also aid in planning for routine preventative maintenance.

Intake Cleaning
LEC is fully equipped to remove sediment or other debris identified during our inspection of your intake.

Other Services

  •   Intake Pipes / Outlet Pipe – Complete services, including construction, installation, inspection, cleaning and leak detection utilizing our Dive Maintenance Technicians or one of our ROVs.
  •   Complete inspection, repair and rehabilitation of collector well systems
  •   Valves and Gates – Inspection, repair and replacement.
  •   Screens – Inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement.
  •   Trash Racks and Cribs – Inspection, repair and replacement.
  •   Chemical Injection Systems -Inspection, repair and replacement.